Friday, February 22, 2019

Book Fair

MAKAUT stall being inaugurated by the hon'able Vice Chancellor


Keeping in pace with broadening the scope of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal's horizon, its stall at Kolkata International Book Fair, this year, was a unique one. 
 It was not about just books and publications, but about ensuring the visitors that our future generation is informed of all the educational opportunities  available to them, right here in the state of West Bengal.

The stall, inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Saikat Maitra on the 31st of January, 2019 was aimed at promoting the professional courses offered by the affiliated colleges under the University. 
 MAKAUT, WB has introduced several such professional programmes to enhance the employability and entrepreneurship quality of the students. Many of these professional courses have immense demand in the employment sector in the market, which  garnered  a lot of attention from all sections of people. 
Students as well as their parents were very much interested to learn about the scope of these programmes.  

MAKAUT, WB is trying to reach out the youth from the very finishing point of their school level to guide them about their future career prospects through its "School Connect Programme". The aim is to bridge the information gap that comes in the way of their choice of appropriate profession in future. The University has spread its wings and has gone on to introduce new and vibrant programmes under its  affiliated colleges, which have to be publicized among the students at the 11-12 level.

The Vice-Chancellor and other professors during inauguration.
At present MAKAUT, WB offers a plethora of programmes ranging from Media Science to Real Estate Management, from  Culinary Science to Interior Designing along with newly launched PGDM and Certificate programmes.

Through its Book Fair stall MAKAUT took the opportunity to popularize its  professional programmes. The focus was to promote these programmes among the school students, so that our future generation have a thorough knowledge  of various programmes and courses offered at the university, before they step into the job market. This knowledge will help them seek out their interest and follow their passions in pursuing their preferred career options.

University has also developed a Prospectus/Career Guide Book that entails Specific information about the curriculum and corresponding opportunities in related areas, as well as  the Course Outcome and this was displayed in the MAKAUT stall.

 The Recently launched B.Voc programmes in the affiliated colleges also aroused interest among students. 
As degrees in Vocational courses are now being recognized at par with other degrees, there has been a newfound interest among students applying for these courses
There are about 17 Vocational Programmes that are already offered, which have been designed according to the International Standards. These have received much appreciation among the people visiting the stall.

The University handed out free-fliers/leaflets containing information about 175 programmes (Technical, Professional, Vocational and Certificate). The fliers/leaflets were well-accepted among the target students.


People donating books eagerly.
The University has taken an active initiative in collecting books for encouraging and inculcating book reading habits in the society through open libraries to be constructed at different locations of the state of West Bengal. The Book Fair became a platform to put forward this initiative. For collection of books from donors’ place, the Helpline Numbers are: 6290622433, 7029998022.

 This unique venture became quickly popular with the public for people queued  up to donate books. Books were donated at the stall itself and a large section of people also took to the idea and assured to lend a helping hand by donating books at regular intervals. It was conveyed at the Book Fair that if necessary, the University representatives may collect books from the residences of the donors.

The MAKAUT help desk numbers have received calls even after the completion of the Book Fair. This shows that people are looking forward to donate books generously.