Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Job Orientation in Medical Treatment


The first and the most precious wealth is health and to protect that wealth digital techniques are supplementary to the traditional methods of medical treatment. The three verticals for the future will be based on automation, digitization and analytics. This implies there must be trained personnel, who can handle the modern digital weapons of health protection, mitigation and detection.
The Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT, Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra
at the programme on Digital Health
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal is dedicated to this skill development and is introducing a new course on digital health. This was announced recently at a workshop organised by the University at its Salt Lake Campus. At the outset, certification and PG diploma courses will be introduced and after that full fledged three year course will be started in a modular manner, as pointed out by the Hon'able Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra. He said, "We have introduced Digital Pedagogy in the teaching-learning process. The latest addition is digital health, a course on which is not available in this part of India."

Prof. Maitra firmly believes that a digitized healthcare system can specially take care of the ageing population in India. Digitized Healthcare system always has innovative ways for monitoring personal data for self-management.
The objectives  of digitization of health services have also been outlined by Prof. Maitra. These are as follows:
1) Reducing inequality among various sections of the society with regard to healthcare
2) Increasing access to healthcare
3) Reducing cost
4) Enhancing the quality of care
5) Customizing healthcare
6) Personalizing medical requirements
7) Making arrangements for smart-care in a homely environment

There are actually different sub-sectors of Digital Health:
a) Mobile Health, which aims to reduce cost and increase efficiency through large scale use of mobile phones in healthcare
b) Health Information Technology, to secure exchange of information between patients and doctors
c) Wearable Devices, which are mainly activity trackers for personalized treatments
d) Telehealth, which allows long distance patient-doctor contact, care and advice
e) Telemedicine, which is remote caring of the patients, to break the distance obstacle
f) Personalized Medicine. One size fits all-- this idea is no longer valid. In the field of healthcare this is also true because the genetic structure of everybody is different

Prof. Maitra pointed out, MAKAUT is very happy that entrepreneurs in the field of Digital Health are coming into partnership with the University for Certification and PG Diploma Courses. In his words, "We also want to introduce full-fledged three-year programme in this area in a modular manner."

Professor of MAKAUT Dr. Indranil Mukherjee has rightly pointed out,"Good health is an important leverage of the nation. That is the objective behind all these initiatives of the University.

The Registrar of MAKAUT, Prof. Dr. Partha Pratim Lahiri commented that hospital is now a digital world. Prof. Sibamoy Dasgupta also stressed the importance of Digital; Health.

On behalf of Peerless Hospital, Dr. Subhrojyoti Bhowmick mentioned that the hospital is looking forward to an academic and research collaboration with MAKAUT in the field of Digital Health.

The workshop was organized by MAKAUT, WB in collaboration TRINNECT Ltd. Finland. The Managing Director of Trinnect Ltd, Dr. Shyam Chakraborty and Dr. Supten Sarbadhikari, an expert in the field of Digital Health graced the occasion. Both of them emphasized on the growing importance of digital techniques in healthcare. Dr. Sarbadhikari observed that India csn be a leader in Digital Health.

Thus MAKAUT's initiative in incorporating courses in Digital Health is definitely a right step forward.


  1. We from Trinnect Finland, thank Honorable Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT Prof. Saikat Maitra for collaborating and offering the opportunity of organising the Digital Health Workshop on 6th April 2019.

    The rich expertise of Finland in information and communication technologies (ICT) is well known. However, Finland has also top expertise in healthcare,as manifested by its life expectancy, and technology applications in healthcare. Though Finland is a sall country of 5.5 Mn people, it possesses the second largest electronic health records in the world! Practically 100% of the doctors and nurses document and exchange information electronically.

    We will be happy to bring this rich knowledge with the help of MAKAUT.

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