Thursday, April 25, 2019

MAKAUT Invites Foreign Students

The Door Opens

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal has decided to open its door to foreign students, with regard to non-engineering professional courses offered by its affiliated colleges, which are not under the purview of AICTE.

It has announced about this initiative at a programme held recently, on the occasion of Bengali New Year's (1426) Day, where the consuls from 20 countries, including France, Germany, China, Nigeria, Nepal were present. In this occasion, the Hon'able Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra said, "We are approaching the consuls to spread the message about the various courses of the University on offer. Over the past few years we have upgraded our curriculum of professional courses to international standards in consultation with industry experts. We want to attract foreign students to these courses."
The Hon'able Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra with the consuls.

Prof. Maitra wants to uphold the image of the University not only within India, but also abroad. The engineering courses are conducted under the apex regulatory body AICTE. So, to attract foreign students in full fledged B.Tech courses, the colleges will have to follow AICTE rules. However, in the case of non-AICTE courses, the colleges affiliated with the University can approach foreign students directly. This will brighten the image of the University, hopes Prof. Maitra. 

The Hon'able Vice-Chancellor expects that 'reverse swing' can result in a 'brain gain' for West Bengal as a whole, if students from foreign countries come to the state and in future contribute to its development. Normally people complain about brain drain from West Bengal in particular and India as a whole. MAKAUT wants to prove that it is not always true, as West Bengal has adequate infrastructure for it.

The foreign consuls were informed about different certification courses of the University and how these are helpful for entering into the job market. Prof. Maitra said that such courses will also help the students move forward towards establishing their own start-up initiatives. With the entry of foreign students, these courses will also be able to create a global platform and in the process MAKAUT can develop its new repository of courses, which will be popular worldwide.

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