Friday, May 31, 2019

School Connect Programmes at Siliguri and Tamluk

A Guide to Ascend in the Careergraph 

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is trying to reach out the young students from the very finishing point of their school level to guide them about their future career prospects through its School Connect Programme. At this point, these students are confused about the right path to success and they are also too young to take all decisions on their own. 

The aim of the School Connect Programme is to bridge the information gap that comes in the way of their choice of appropriate profession in future. The University has spread its wings in varied areas and has gone on to introduce new and vibrant in-house courses and also different programmes under its affiliated colleges, which are being publicized among the students at the 11-12 level. The focus is to promote these programmes among the school students, so that our future generation have a thorough knowledge of various programmes and courses offered at MAKAUT, before they step into the job market.

As a part of the School Connect Programme, awareness camps were organized recently in Siliguri and Tamluk. 

The Vice-Chancellor addressing the students
 The two days' Education Fair and Seminar was organized in Siliguri was organized on the 11th and 12th May at the City Centre. The students from different schools and colleges of the area and their guardians joined the programme. The Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra talked to the students personally and gave them tips regarding their career choice.  

Prof. Maitra said that professions are changing with time and accordingly the students must undertake the appropriate courses to choose the right career. MAKAUT has also initiated a number of in-house programmes and also other courses in collaboration with other institutions to help the students choose the right path.

The students and their guardians
  Prof. Maitra pointed out that, West Bengal is a top ranking State in the production of fruits and vegetables. So, food processing and exports sector can be a lucrative career. Many other valuable advices were given by Prof. Maitra to guide the young students in their choice of careers.

A similar type of programme was arranged in Tamluk at Tamralipta Institute of Management and Technology. Prof. Sibamoy Dasgupta, Chief of the Board of Studies of MAKAUT, WB addressed the students and made the aware of the University's new initiatives towards career development. 

Prof. Sibamoy Dasgupta addressing the students

Prof. Dasgupta and other representatives of the University asked the students to know beforehand about the new basket of courses offered by MAKAUT. The professors of the University are always ready to guide the students and they must feel free to talk to any faculty for their advice.

The experts pointed out that a new orientation must be there in the choice of courses. The scope of traditional courses are sometimes limited and the school leaving students must be aware of the present situation.
Tte guardians and students assembling at the programme

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Women's Chess Competition

Inspiring Chess among Women

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT). WB is inspiring chess and as a part of that initiative the 45th Women's Chess Championship was organized in Kolkata in the 15th of May, 2019 in one of its affiliating college  iLead.
The participants at the competition

The 102 participants from all over West Bengal participated in the competition. The entire Women's Chess Tournament, was organized in the Swiss League system in seven rounds. At the end of all the rounds Ananya Bothra stood first by scoring 7.0/7. Ananya won her maiden State title. She gained a massive 110 ELO Rating points with a performance rating of 2233.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra handing over
the first prize to Ananya Bothra.

 The Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT, Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra was present in the Prize Distribution Ceremony on the 18th of May. On this occasion he presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to International Master Saheli Dhar Baruah.  Then he gave the trophy to Champion Ananya Bothra. The other dignitaries present were: Dr. Sujay Biswas, CEO of Techno International, Mr. Pradeep Chopra, Chairman of iLead and Mr. S S Dogra, Director (Finance) of Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd.

Prof. Maitra said that the University is inspiring chess, which is an exercise of the brain, in order to increase the power of concentration, which will help the participants in their journey throughout the life. Prizes were distributed to all the participants. 

Mr. Pradeep Chopra, Chairman of iLead with Mr. Atin Sengupta (left),
Secretary of the Kolkata District Chess Association.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Certificate and Diploma Courses with Industry Partners

Towards a New Professionalism

"If careful attention is paid to the reality, we will see clearly, the real shortage is of the right skills, rather than of jobs. If the right skills are developed, the right start-ups and other enterprises will emerge and provide the jobs needed. It's always the horse before the cart, not the other way round. Paper qualification is no longer enough in today's competitive society. You need skills people will pay for."--Emi Iyalla

This is the view of Emi Iyalla, a system analyst and founder of Skillworks, a Nigerian based skills and training firm. He has written 'Skills That Pay the Bills' - a best selling book on skill trends and their impacts on an individual and a nation's economic development. 

His thoughts are truly relevant in the context of our country and the state of West Bengal too. In order to solve the problem of skill development and to become the true friend of the students, the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is guiding them to choose a right path for their career development. Thus the curriculum of MAKAUT regarding such programmes is not only restricted to the traditional courses, because the demands of the students cannot be categorized into a few areas. Their aptitude and skills are also different and MAKAUT gives importance to individual preferences. 

 Thus, side by side traditonal courses, the University has proposed a number of certification and diploma courses in collaboration with different industry partners and chambers of commerce. With a view to increase and widen the professional skills of  youths, MAKAUT has signed a number of MOUs with such partners for the introduction of certification and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Courses. The special features of these courses are hands-on practice, laboratory based classes and will be based on real project based learning.

Admission notice for few courses has already been given and corresponding admission procedure has been started. some classes are also going on.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

a) Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 level) for certification programmes.
b) Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Technology for PGD programmes.

The details of the courses are listed below:


Image result for cloud computing

    P.G.Diploma/Certification course in Cloud Computing:

    The one year PGD and three years certification courses are in collaboration with ATA Infotech Ventures Pvt. Ltd .Cloud computing is a remote virtual pool of on-demand shared resources, offering Computation, Storage and Network Services which can be rapidly deployed at scale. The syllabus comprises of: Basics Of Computer Networks, Operating System, Web Technology, TCP/IP, Evolution of Cluster – Grid to Cloud Computing , Hypervisor Technology, SAAS-PAAS-IAAS Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure.

    Image result for cyber security

    P.G.Diploma/Certification course in Cyber Security:

    Different partners of MAKAUT are offering a number of courses in joint collaboration. 

    a) The one year PGD and

    b.) three months certification courses are in collaboration
    with ATA Infotech Ventures Pvt. Ltd 
    c) The six months PGD in Cyber Security is in collaboration with TCG Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    d) The six months PG Certificate in Cyber Security is in collaboration with International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T)

    Cyber Security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks. In a computing context, security comprises cyber security and physical security -- both are used by enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centres and other computerized systems. Information security, which is designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, is a subset of cyber security. The syllabus includes: Introduction to hacking, Foot printing & Reconnaissance, Scanning Networks, Enumeration, Malware Threats, Sniffing, Social Engineering, Denial Of Service, Session Hijacking, Hacking Web-Servers, Hacking Web Applications, SQL Injection, Hacking Wireless Networks, Hacking Mobile Platforms, Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypot, Cloud Computing, Cryptography.

    P.G.Diploma courses in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: 

      Image result for machine learning

         A number of courses are offered in this area by different partners of MAKAUT.   
          a) The one year PGD in Machine Learning  is in collaboration with DCG AILABS Academy PVT. LTD.
           b) The one year PGD in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is being imparted in collaboration with Trinnect Ltd, Anjankuja, Finland.
                 c) The one year PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and one year Diploma in Data Science are offered in joint collaboration with MAKAUT by International Institute of Innovation and Technology (I3T).
            d) The three months Certification Programme in Data Science with Artificial Intelligence is in joint collaboration with IIAS FuturEd.

         Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence, where machines are given access to data and are left to learn by themselves. In the twenty-first century, Artificial Intelligence techniques have experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in computer performance, internet data and theoretical understanding. It has become an essential part of the technology industry, helping to solve real life challenges. The essentials of Machine Learning using Python, an integral part of artificial intelligence paradigm is becoming the most sought-after skill. If you aspire to harness the potential of machine learning and enhance your skills in algorithms this program can help you do so. The program aims to establish a sound foundation on Machine Learning using Python and enable the participants to learn the concepts in detail through series of lectures and use cases.

    P.G.Diploma/Certification course in Health Informatics and Telemedicine:

        This PGD course of one year is in collaboration with Trinnect Ltd, Anjankuja, Finland. The certification course in collaboration with the same institute is for three months.

    An essential part of Health Informatics is Telemedicine, which is the use of advanced telecommunications technologies to support the healthcare system. telemedicine refers to a wide range of technologies and applications and can be defined as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications for the health and education of the patient and healthcare provider for improving patient care. The growth of technological innovations such as high-capacity digital networks, powerful computer hardware and software, high-resolution digital image compression, and the Internet has had a great impact on the process of health care delivery. Within this framework, a course in Health Informatics and Telemedicine includes the definitions, introduction to technical aspects of telemedicine, evolution of telemedicine and its impact on health care delivery, success and failure factors, and legal and ethical issues.

    P.G.Diploma/Certification course in Digital Marketing: 

    Related image
    There are three programmes in this area.

    Two are in collaboration with the Cambridge Marketing College, UK. The Diploma Programme is for one year and the Certification programme for six months.

    The third one is the three months Certificate Programme in Social Media Management& Digital Marketing. It is offered by the IIAS FuturEd.

    At present marketers need the essential skills to identify, integrate and monitor digital tactics to enhance marketing activities. These course provide an introduction to the fast moving digital world. The courses include the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Web Analytics for e-commerce activities, Data Visualization and so on.

    P.G.Diploma in Geospatial Science and Technology:

    This one year PGD programme is in collaboration with OPSIS SYSTEM Pvt. Ltd.

    Geo-Spatial Science is the study of spatial information describing the earth and the built environment. It involves Internet of Things (IoT), combined with Geographic information systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing, Surveying, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Radar, Drones, Cartography and so on.

    In Geo-Spatial science, information relating to people, places, environment, ecology etc. are analyzed with the help of Applied Information Technology. It is much relevant for the students in enhancing their employability in today's competitive market.

    P.G.Diploma/PG Certificate in New and Emerging Technologies and Certificate Programme in Soft Skills: 

    These courses are imparted in joint collaboration with Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies Private Ltd. The MOU was signed between MAKAUT, WB and this Institution for the following Diploma and Certification programmes:

    Related imagea) PG Diploma in New and Emerging Technologies for 1 year  
    b) PG Certificate in New and Emerging Technologies for 6 months
    c) Certificate programme in Soft Skills for 3 months
    New and emerging technologies mostly include: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Robotics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning etc. Recent job trends show, unless students embrace emerging technologies, they will not be able to excel in their future career. MAKAUT, WB believes that with a basic knowledge of these technologies, students will be better placed at quality positions. That is why the University has launched these courses with industry partners, who have expertise in these areas.

    P.G.Diploma/Certification courses regarding Computer Software and  Hardware:

    Image result for images on computer software and hardware teaching
    These courses are in collaboration with Webel Informatics Limited (WIL). The time frame for such courses are as follows:

    a) PGD for one year
    b) Certification Course for 192 to 60 hours

    WIL conducts Diploma and Certificate courses in Software, Hardware with Networking and Multimedia and a host of IT courses with special emphasis on training students to help make them industry ready professionals. WIL is also the Regional CISCO Network Academy for Eastern India and provides training on CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Wireless LAN.

    Certification course in 3D Printing 

    This three months' Certification course is in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd.

    3D Prionting is a method of creation that requires only some basic computer skills. This course will allow students to discover for themselves the potential of 3D Printing. It is a good option for anyone who wants to create a work of art, customize a product and so on.

    Certification course in Python

    This three months Certification course is in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd.

    Python programming language is currently the most popular language for Data Scientists worldwide. Python is a language with a simple syntax. It is an interpreted language, with a rich programming environment. It is easy for beginners and is widely used in many scientific areas for date exploration. The examples and problems used in this course are drawn from diverse areas like text processing, simple graphics creation & image manipulation, HTML & web programming and genomics. This course can help one build a career in Web Development, Games Development,   Big Data, Web Testing, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, and M2M & Smart Devices.

    Certification course in Soft Skill and Communication

    This three months' Certification course is in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd.

    Soft Skills are the most crucial part in the development of one's whole career. This program helps one overcome barriers to effective communications, address the most common mistakes made in conversational as well as written communication, know the importance of body language, anger and stress management, speak without fear and a lot more.

    Certification course in Web Development

    This is a three months' Certification course is in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd.

    Students will learn about the various areas of web development and the fundamental technologies used to code and design web pages by diving into HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and PHP. Web development has different opportunities around the globe. It gives job opportunities from office, home, or anywhere. This program strongly helps in understanding the computer network, extranet and internet, network topologies, internet organization, growth of internet, features and services, multicast routing, broadcast, challenges in distributed computing, emergence of web services, definition of DNS (Domain Name System) and so on.

    Certification course in C, C++ & Data Structure

            Image result for C++

    This is a three months' Certification course in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd. C++ is one of the most important courses when it comes to IT professionals. The course will nurture the characteristics of object oriented languages; output using COUT, the set manipulator, type conversions, inheritance, pointer, virtual function, streams and files, templates and exceptions, function templates, class templates exception, etc.

    Certification course in Virtualization

    Image result for Virtualization

    This is a three months' Certification course in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd. Virtualization has become a critically important focus of the IT world in recent years. Virtualization technologies are used by thousands of companies to consolidate their workloads and to make their IT environments calculable and more flexible. If one wantsw to learn cloud computing, one will simply have to know the basic virtualization technology concepts.

    Image result for Network Administration

    Certification course in Network Administration

    This is a three months' Certification course in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd. It will focus on the design, installation, configuration, and operation of local area networks. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to install and configure a stand-alone and client computers that are part of a work-group or domain.

    Certification course in Big Data and Hadoop

    Image result for big data and hadoop     
    This is a three months' Certification course in joint collaboration with ATA Info Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd. It covers in-depth knowledge on Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem tools such as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop. Throughout this training, the student will be working on real-life industry use cases in Retail, Social Media, Aviation, Tourism and Finance domain using Cloud. The student will understand what Big Data is, the limitations of the traditional solutions for Big Data problems, how Hadoop solves those Big Data problems, Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, Anatomy of File Read and Write & how MapReduce works.

    Certification course on Drone Operation and Maintenance

       This six months' Certification course is in joint colaboration with ASPIRE-IIT. The curriculum includes introduction to drone technology, basic concepts of flight of drones, rules and regulations, radio frequency, components used in drones, assembly etc.

    The Eye-Mitra Optician and Vision Technician

    Certification courses


           The 'Eye-Mitra' Optician Certification Course is of one year. It is a skill development training programme launched in joint collaboration with Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, Kolkata.

       The Vision Technician Certification Course is also a one year course offered by the Pranavananda Institute of Management and Technology of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

       The students can be admitted in these certification programme after they complete at least their Madhyamik course. The objective is to address the growing need of skilled human resource in the eye care sector. MAKAUT hopes that this demand for opticians will help to create employment. The programmes will develop an individual into a skilled Optician and create a pathway for sustainable livelihood.

    Certification Programme in Opthalmic Care Technology

    This six months Certification Programme is in joint collaboration with Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, Kolkata. 

    This course will enable the student to learn about noting down patient's medical history, instruct patients on procedures or medications, take basic tests on visual acuity, lensometry, and tonometry, as well as administer drugs. Ophthalmic medical technologists take care of more detailed tasks given to them by ophthalmologists. They also help with minor surgical procedures and understand aseptic techniques and instrument preparation. They are able to assist the doctors in the areas of ocular mobility, colour vision, visual fields, digital imaging, and tonometry. They are also equipped to help in cases of glaucoma and low vision, test colour vision for amblyopia, create ophthalmic imaging, and calculate basic corrections for refractive errors.

    The job involves the use of very advanced equipment, which consists of ophthalmic photos and ultrasound for the purpose of determining a patient’s condition. There are also specialty areas such as ophthalmic ultrasonography, electrophysiology, and ophthalmic surgical technology. 

    Certification Programme in Food and Beverage Service

    This six months Certification Programme in Food and Beverage Service is in joint collaboration with Dolphin School of Hotel Management in Haringhata, Nadia. 

    The course intends to introduce the concepts of food cost control, costing and beverage control system through numerous activities based on it. It emphasizes upon various operating activities like purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing. This course is an overview of the management practices utilized to direct, operate and control food services. This course will teach practical knowledge of appropriate service behaviors for a variety of guest types, understand the concept and techniques of good services.

    Certification Programme in Food Production

    This six months Certification Programme in Food Production is in joint collaboration with Dolphin School of Hotel Management in Haringhata, Nadia.

    Food Production is the process of transforming raw materials into prepared food products. The Food production professionals are involved in either the daily operations of food processing, or work for the designing of processing equipment. This course will prompt the learner to plan, organize and conceptualize various events from culinary, managerial and service points of view.

    Certification Programme in Front Office Operations

    This six months Certification Programme is in joint collaboration with Dolphin School of Hotel Management in Haringhata, Nadia.

    This course focuses on the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts. The student should understand the role of Front Office as the public face of the hotel, primarily by greeting hotel patrons and checking in guests. It also provides assistance to guests during their stay, completes their accommodation, food and beverage accounts and receives payment from guests. That is, the students will develop knowledge and skills required for handling guest arrivals and departures.  It will equip learners with knowledge and skills required to work as part of a hotel/hospital/resort etc reception team. They will also be able to understand the importance of using correct communication when interacting with guests/visitors.

    Certification Programme in Housekeeping

    This six months Certification Programme is in joint collaboration with Dolphin School of Hotel Management in Haringhata, Nadia.

    After completing this course, a student will be able to give a professional touch to housekeeping whenever they work in hotels, guest houses, hospitals, offices, shopping complex, resorts, etc. This course will enable all learners to give a professional edge to their housekeeping skills. They will be able to develop various housekeeping skills like cleaning, laundary, special cleaning, spring cleaning, etc and also develop a sense of art while doing interior decoration.

    Diploma and Certification Programmes in

    Hospitality Operation

    These courses are in joint collaboration with International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Salt Lake, Kolkata. The Diploma course is for one year. There are certification courses at two levels, 1 and 2. If a student completes these two certification programmes, that will amount to a Diploma.

    The objectives of Hospitality Operation courses are to make the students aware of the techniques of reception management, entertainment of guests, other visitors or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.

    Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Two institutions are offering one year courses on this subject in joint collaboration with MAKAUT. One is the Pranavananda Institute of Management and Technology of Bharat Sevashram Sangha. The other is IIAS FuturEd.

    Travel and Tourism is one of world's largest industries and it encompasses Hospitality industry as well.Tourism and hospitality includes attractions management, convention planning, customer service, event planning, food service, gaming, lodging, marketing, sales and travel. Working in tourism and hospitality management can provide a job in hotels, airlines, restaurants, transportation companies, tourist services, convention centers, casinos, sports teams and so on. All  are parts of a dynamic industry that continually needs skilled employees.

    Diploma in Renewable Energy and Solar Technician

    This is a one year course offered by the Pranavananda Institute of Management and Technology of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.
    While oil, coal and natural gas remain the main sources of power, concerns about their depletion have lead to increasing use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power. Renewable energy technicians install, maintain and repair equipment that provides power and utilities through these new sources. Renewable energy technicians are more commonly known by their specialties, such as solar photo voltaic installer or wind turbine service technician. All have to do with ensuring the efficient functioning of equipment that collect, generate or distribute power through alternative means. Technicians  must thus be able to set up mechanical equipment, connect wires and work with alternative and direct current and other modes of power. All these require a proper training and thus the scope of these courses is increasing.

    Diploma Course for Assistant Physiotherapist

    This is a one year course offered by the Pranavananda Institute of Management and Technology of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

    Physiotherapy is a growing field of health care services, designed to produce competent health science professionals who possess the knowledge and ability to manage and prevent problems affecting the physical functioning of the human body.

    Diploma Course for Nursing Aide

    This is a one year course offered by the Pranavananda Institute of Management and Technology of Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

    Nursing Aides or assistants work in nursing homes, home care centres, hospitals, correctional institutions, and so on. Nursing assistants help patients of all ages perform the most basic daily tasks. They work under a nurse’s supervision, and since they have extensive daily contact with each patient, they play a key role in the lives of their patients.

    Diploma in Corporate Data Analytics

    Role of MAKAUT in the certification and diploma programmes:

    MAKAUT will monitor the admission, evaluation process. The course curriculum will be finalized through different Boards of Studies (BOS) of MAKAUT through coordination with the respective partner. At the end of the curriculum successful candidates will be awarded with certification, jointly  certified by MAKAUT and the collaborating partners.

    For any query contact:

    Prof. P.N. Dutta, Mob: 9830379592
    Landline No.: 033 2334 1909 and University WhatsApp no.: 6290622433

    Email ID:

    Tuesday, May 14, 2019

    School-Connect Programmes at Burra Bazar and iLead College

    The Vice-Chancellor addressing the students at Burra Bazar

    The Right Path

    The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is trying to reach out the youth from the very finishing point of their school level to guide them about their future career prospects through its School Connect Programme. The aim is to bridge the information gap that comes in the way of their choice of appropriate profession in future. The University has spread its wings and has gone on to introduce new and vibrant programmes under its affiliated colleges, which are being publicized among the students at the 11-12 level. The focus is to promote these programmes among the school students, so that our future generation have a thorough knowledge  of various programmes and courses offered at the university, before they step into the job market.

    As a part of the School Connect Programme, an awareness camp was organized recently at Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Mahasabha in front of school students, guardians and teachers of different schools in Portuguese Churtch Street, Burra Bazar, Kolkata. The Hon’able Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra explained to the students the importance of choosing a career for achieving success in their future professional life. He mentioned that we have to bridge the gap between schools and colleges, as today’s school student is tomorrow’s college student. That is why, the school students must be made aware of the opportunities of higher education. In this respect West Bengal is in an advantageous position and MAKAUT wants to publicize them to hold the hands of the younger generation.

    Prof. Maitra interacting with the students at Burra Bazar
    Prof. Maitra stressed that, for all round development of the students, it is essential to identify their skills and their strengths right from the childhood and encourage them to innovate. Such little innovations will help them build their future careers and prepare them for the job market. In this regard Prof. Maitra urged the students of Class XII to listen to their own minds and move forward.
    One must be able to identify one's likes and dislikes in order to choose the right path.

    Today's job market is dependent on technology and many traditional jobs are becoming obsolete in course of time. Side by side the scope of innovation and new technology based jobs is expanding. Thus if students are innovative, they will never be tired of seeking jobs and even can start their own entrepreneurial activities. 

    The Vice-Chancellor and the representatives of various private colleges.
    The Vice-Chancellor at the School Connect programme in iLead
    In this context Prof. Maitra mentioned that MAKAUT is committed to skill development of the younger generation and that is the reason behind the launching of different certification and vocational courses by the University, which can be chosen just after Class XII.

    The Principals and Directors of various private colleges affiliated to MAKAUT were also present at the programme arranged in Burra Bazar. They also stressed the importance of professional courses in building their careers.

    A similar School Connect Programme was also organized in iLead College, Kolkata. The Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT, Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra pointed out before a number of school authorities and the guardians of students, "The young generation is really digitally smart. What they need is proper guidance to choose the right path in career development." In his words, "They are 'netizens', as they are born in this digital age. We are only immigrants in this digital world. that is why they are more skilled in this area. If we can guide them properly, encourage them in their innovations, then they will be able to prosper in their future." Prof. Maitra mentioned that while many other states are discontinuing several professional courses, MAKAUT is launching different courses to guide the students towards a bright future. The demand for such courses is also increasing.

    Prof. Maitra pointed out that technological innovations have also increased the career prospect for women and MAKAUT also wants to be a part of creating such job prospect for them.

    Monday, May 13, 2019

    Science Day Celebrations

    Recognizing the Young Scientists

    The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal encouraged a number of young scientists, on the occasion of Science Day on the 28th of February, 2019. Students from about 200 colleges affiliated to MAKAUT assembled at its Haringhata Campus with their innovative models and displayed them at the exhibition organized by the University's Technology Business Incubator EKTA Incubatiobn Centre.

    Sayan Mondal, a student of Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology, driving the bike. Another
    student involved in the project, Saudamini Gupta is standing at the back.
    According to the experts present on this occasion, one of the most innovative projects was a motor bike which was moving with the help of air and not petrol. Then there was the sample of rural road constructed with the help of jute and bitumen.

    Among other innovative projects worth mentioning, there was an instrument which can be used for sowing seeds, after measuring the moisture content of the soil. Another useful project was a bio-metric device, which can prevent the boarding of unauthorized passengers in reserved compartments of trains.
    A video clipping of the bike.

    The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra Director of EKTA
    Prof. Dr. Sukhendu Samajdar, Chairman of iLead Mr. Pradip
    Chopra, Director of IEM Dr. Satyajit Chakravarty with the prize winning students.
    The Hon'able Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT Prof. Dr. Saikat Maitra on this occasion said that the University aims to encourage innovation among the students. Prof Sukhendbu Samajdar, Director of EKTA said that the Incubation Centre will help the students in their effort to start their own start-ups and these projects will be helpful for that purpose. 
    Prof. Maitra interacting with the students.