Thursday, April 23, 2020

MAKAUT, WB to Encourage Community Entrepreneurship

A Leap Forward Towards Boosting Home-based Businesses 

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB vows to encourage the students towards taking up entrepreneurship as a career. The Entrepreneurship Cell of the University in an online meeting on 23.04.2020. chaired by the  Vice Chancellor Prof, (Dr.) Saikat Maitra decided to create more awareness about entrepreneurship as a lucrative career.

 Prof, Maitra said that the Entrepreneurship Portal will be created shortly, where the entrepreneurial activities being undertaken by the University would be showcased. Along with that, there will be links to success stories of entrepreneurs, links of start-up activities, upcoming webinars, posting of blogs etc. This portal will be linked to the University website.

He pointed out that, in this grim situation due to Lockdown to check the spread of corona virus, there will be job loss in almost all sectors and loss of existing practices and businesses. Thus in the near future MAKAUT will have to give importance to:
  • Develop Community Entrepreneurship. In that case micro entrepreneurs will be able to work from their homes and run businesses. Japan has been extremely successful by following this model.
  • Common Facility Centres will be created in and around Haringhata area and other places by the University for such enterprises. 
  • As the market for many goods and services will be super saturated in the near future, new ones must be identified. Examples of such items are manufacturing of sanitisers, home made soaps, natural healthcare products, cleaning agents, home made cookies, food items and so on. IT based services (through Cloud), App based services will also be in demand.
  • MAKAUT proposes to follow a Public Cooperative Model to support the local micro entrepreneurs . These cooperatives will be supported by MAKAUT and may work on a revenue sharing basis.
Prof. Maitra and other members of the Entrepreneurship Cell is committed to make this effort a success and support the budding entrepreneurs by providing the knowhow and also helping in the marketing of their products.

Monday, April 20, 2020

MAKAUT, WB Organizing Webinar on AR/VR Every Saturday for the Students

Webinars on  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Every Saturday amidst Lockdown

Upcoming Webinar scheduled on 25.04.20. 

to be delivered by Mr. Peter Vesterbacka

Day by day it is being widely accepted that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies are becoming more and more important all over the world in various fields and also in the teaching-learning process. It is needless to mention that medical science, journalism, tourism and entertainment industry  have undergone a sea change with the help of these immersive technologies. The reason is that, it is possible to penetrate deep into the subject by using these technologies. Experts are of opinion that these technologies will penetrate more into India also in the coming days.

It is in this perspective that the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of MAKAUT, WB Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra  has taken the initiative to organize Webinars every Saturday from 3 pm to 4 pm on various themes encompassing these emerging and immersive technologies for the students of MAKAUT, in the midst of Lockdown to check the spread of Corona Virus. It was decided in an Online Meeting on 14.04.2020, attended by Prof. Maitra, other Officers and Directors of the University and Prof. Samir Mukherjee, Head, Department of Emerging Technology & VR/AR/MR/XR of MAKAUT. Before Lockdown, already a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) for 10 days was conducted by MAKAUT at its Salt Lake Campus, with Prof. Mukherjee as a co-ordinator.

The FDP was inaugurated at ITC Sonar, on the 19th of December 2020. The session at Salt Lake Campus of MAKAUT was initiated by Prof. (Dr.) P. N. Dutta of MAKAUT and Prof. Samir Mukherjee on the 18th of January, 2020. The significance of the FDP was that, it was one of the first of its kind in this field in the country.

A moment from Perrone's talk on 18th April

The first Webinar was delivered by Mr. Gianluigi Perrone, on 18th April, 2020. He is from from Italy, and is the creator of Dogma VR Story-telling Method. He is a pioneering movie director who works with virtual reality.He discussed on the ways to tell a VR Story, which was very inspiring for the students.

The second Webinar will be delivered on 25th April, 2020 from 
3-4 pm by  Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, who is from Finland and is the Developer of Angry Bird. Angry Bird is a a 2009 casual puzzle video game. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for iOS and Maemo devices in December 2009.

Dr. Barbara Lippe will be present in the

Third Webinar on 02.05.2020
The third Webinar will be on 2nd May, 2020 and the speaker is Dr. Barbara Lippe from Germany. She is the first VR series developer in the world. Dubbed “Bj√∂rk of Virtual Worlds” Dr Barbara Lippe bridges creativity with a deep knowledge of the business of Extended Reality (XR) entertainment. Having created video-game characters and avatars for virtual worlds in Japan she went on to found entreZ, an award-winning VR content studio premiering one of the world's first 12k stereoscopic 360 dramas. Barbara holds a PhD in game studies, was appointed Head of Curation at VR Days Europe and co-founded the LBVR company Holodeck VR. Researching on the philosophical implications of XR she speaks at conferences worldwide and has been selected one of the 101 most influential women in VR.

Laurent Chretian will talk about AR/VR

in the Fourth Webinar on 09.05.2020 

The schedule for other Webinars is as follows:

Laurent Chretian

He is from France,
One of the co-founder of VR Days,
He is a figure in Europe for VR AR MR XR industry, and organizes the biggest show on VR film Festivals in Europe
9th May’20
at 03:00 PM
Petteri Jacobsson

He is from Paris,
Expert in VR Entertainment
Petteri is recognized by the world for introducing VR entertainment in different areas.
16th May’20
at 03:00 PM
Salar Sahana
He is from Switzerland
Salar is a veteran in VR in Switzerland, he is the man who put the VR Legal, Copyright and different aspects of the world.
23rd May’20
at 03:00 PM
Eliza Flores
She is from Brazil,
Founder VR Film Festivals in Brazil
Eliza, is a famous actress, very eminent and and   important person in promoting Emerging Technology in South Africa.
30th May’20
at 03:00 PM

Prof. Samir Mukherjee, an international expert in this field and the coordinator of the Webinars has elaborated the necessity of this technology in this modern age and how it can be amalgamated with engineering. An eminent personality in this field, Prof. Mukherjee is the Founder and Creative Technologist of VR AR Academia, India. His field of interest is amalgamation of art, culture and technology into a distinct bend of novelty. He is the Ambassador of World VR forum, Geneva, Director of International VR Foundation, Beijing, China and Chapter President ARVRA, USA. He believes, this endeavor will yield a good enthusiastic feeling to the students in the future. They will understand at least a little bit of the Global Scenario.

For further information and Registration
Prof.Samir Mukherjee

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Online Application Starts for Entrance Exams CET, JEMAT

Applications in the prescribed format are invited for ADMISSION to Non-AICTE (PG/UG) courses in MAKAUT, WB (IN-HOUSE) and INSTITUTES / COLLEGES AFFILIATED to MAKAUT,WB. Admission will be through an online entrance test (CET-2020). The schedule and venue for the admission test shall be announced on the university website.

The Joint Entrance Management Aptitude Test (JEMAT-2020) is a state level eligibility of the Govt. of W.B. conducted by the MAKAUT, WB. The Test is held every year for admission to the MBA/MHA/AICTE approved PG Diploma programmes offered by the Management Institutions of the State (both government and private). This online entrance test is conducted by MAKAUT, WB on behalf of the State Government as per the guidelines framed by AICTE.



To know the Steps for Online Registration in details please visit the University Website
Fees are payable through Online Mode only for online registration.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

MAKAUT, WB Celebrates Poila Baisakh 1427 Online Amidst Lockdown

Makaut Arranges Cultural Programme on Poila Baisakh through Zoom Video Meeting

The office of the Registrar of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB organized a cultural programme 'Subho Nobo Borsher Agomon' on April 14 (Poila Baisakh 1427), 2020 at 4.00 p m through a scheduled online video meeting over the Zoom App. Everybody enjoyed the programme in the current grim situation of Lockdown imposed to combat Corona Virus. The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra and Respected Registrar Dr, Partha Pratim Lahiri were present all along the programme.

The MAKAUT family showed its talent in recitation and music and made the programme extremely enjoyable. The recitation of a poem written by Purendu Patri by Prof. Sriyankar Acharya, The Dwijendragiti 'Aji Nutana Ratane Bhusane jatane' sung by Ms. Rupa De, Rabindrasangeet 'Ektuku Chowa Lage by Mr. Asish Sarkar were very appropriately chosen. The recitation of a poem written by Respected Finance Officer Dr. Atri Bhowmik was also very nice.

The violin recitral of the folk song 'Dokan Kholo Dekhi, posora Sajao Dekhi' by Prof. Sibamoy Dasgupta had a long lasting impression among all listeners in this current Lockdown situation.

The meeting ended with a recitation of the poem by Jivanananda Das 'Amader Dekha Hok Mahamari Seshe' by Respected Registrar perfectly fitted the occasion. 

The entire programme helped the MAKAUT family overcome the current depressing situation due to the Corona Pandemic and hope for better days to come. 


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Entrepreneurship Cell of MAKAUT, WB to Explore More Entrepreneurship Projects

MAKAUT, WB Gives a Boost to Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is going to take a bigger role in boosting the entrepreneurship spirit among its students and guide them, even in the Lockdown period. 

This decision regarding widening the roles and responsibilities of the Entrepreneurship Cell was taken at an online meeting held on April 13, 2020. The meeting was chaired by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra and attended by Prof. Sukhendu Samajdar, Prof. Subrata Kumar Ray, Dr, Indranil Mukherjee, Dr. Sushil Pareekh and Dr. Debashis Dutta.

The following aspects were stressed at the meeting:
  • An attempt will be made to search for entrepreneurship projects online, to explore start-up projects, and to study them critically to extract ideas from them. 
  • The different Chambers of Commerce will be contacted to explore entrepreneurial activities, talk to industry captains, identify successful entrepreneurs, and organize webinars as well as motivational sessions catering to the needs of in-house students as well as budding entrepreneurs. 
  • The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor suggested some important areas for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs like food processing, food packaging and packaged drinking water, cloud based activities, manufacturing of health care products, natural pharmaceutical products, bio resources and products like agarbatti, organic soap, floral candles, organic colours, skin care products etc. 
  • It was also suggested to create a portal where the entrepreneurial activities being undertaken by the University would be showcased along with links to stories of entrepreneurs, links of start-up activities, upcoming webinars, posting of blogs etc. This portal will be linked to the University website. 
  • Hon’ble VC suggested exploring tie-ups with banks and other financial institutions for procuring seed money for the start-up ventures. 
  • It was reported that the University would start hosting webinars on different topics of current relevance shortly in collaboration with Calcutta Management Association and Calcutta Media Institute.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Calling All Children

MAKAUT, WB to Reward/Certify School Students for 

C0-Curricular Activities during Lockdown  

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) is trying its best to help the students, including school children during the present crisis created by the breaking out of Corona Virus Pandemic. The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Sir Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra, has identified a list of co-curricular activities suitable for the school chjildren, while they stay indoor.

MAKAUT hopes that such activities will help the students to overcome depression and be cheerful with their families, despite the present grim situation. 

MAKAUT will rewaed/certify them for such activities to encourage them.

The list of Co curricular Activities for the School Students

1. Theme Photography (photographs to be taken inside home, by selecting a particular theme) & publishing online  

2. Video Film Making inside house using mobile phone & publishing online 

3. Writing of poetry, story, blog & publishing online 

4. Reviewing of story books, novels, films, documentaries, YouTube videos 

5. Cooking recipes and/or cooking (with video documentation) 

6. Recording of Song/Music (with photos/video documentation) & publishing online 

7. Gardening within the house (with video documentation) 

8. Helping parents and family members in household work/matters. e g., cleaning, reorganization of furniture, washing, decoration etc 

9. Creation of Social Networking Groups to spread social awareness and give messages 

10. Caring of Animals, Birds, and Elderly Person at home  

11. Learning any skill like Language, Computer Programming etc. 

12. Practising Yoga, Meditation, Exercise 

13. Stitching,  Embroidery  

14. Covid 19 awarness posters, video and writing essays (Bengali and English)  

The following categories will be there:
Category 1 – Nursery to Class IV 
Category 2 – Class V to VIII 
Category 3 – Class IX and X 

Category 4 – Class XI and XII 

University may conduct competition among the schools to award and certify exceptional activities of students. Schools and individual students can send their activities through the following mail Id: 

Please follow this format:

Activities Details - Document/ Photo/Videography/etc 
Name of the Student- 
Phone Number- 
Mail ID- 
Name of the School- 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

MAKAUT, WB Starts Preparing Masks for Free Distribution

MAKAUT Preparing 500 Masks Daily

Assistant Registrar Mr. Anup Mukherjee supervising the preparation of Masks at the Haringhata Campus

 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB has started preparing masks from 07.04.2020 as part of its effort towards fighting Corona Virus. Under the able guidance of the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra MAKAUT, WB has decided to prepare masks in its workshop at the lush green Haringhata Campus.

The Assistant Registrar of the University Mr. Anup Kumar Mukherjee said, "Everyday 500 masks will be prepared and distributed free of cost." He said that these will be distributed among the common people in the Haringhata area and in various Government offices, Police Stations and Hospitals. These are made of cotton and easily washable.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB is taking an active part in the fight against Corona Virus. It was among the first institutes in the country to prepare hand sanitizer according to the guidelines provided by World Health Organization (WHO). A Community Kitchen has also started functioning at the Haringhata Campus to distribute food among the local poor and needy.

Masks and Hand Sanitisers for distribution
Now masks are also being produced at the Haringhata on a war footing. The Vice-Chancellor of MAKAUT always tries to inculcate social consciousness within the MAKAUT family and amongst the students. MAKAUT is making this fight against Corona in a war footing and is developing a team spirit. It has the will of iron for protecting public health and serve the needy common people.

A car being loaded with snitisers and masks for distribution.